Most people on a budget want to have an idea about the cost of services.  While every project has its own challenges, limitations and time constraints, we can provide an idea of what to expect.  If we are doing something completely custom, with consultations, shopping support, etc., then we will work up a project price, loosely based on my $60./hour rate. 

For "normal" sewing tasks, we have a standard price list for alterations, and tailoring tasks.  Here are some of my sample prices:

Custom Work:

Queen size quilt with embroidered blocks and pieced/appliqued   $1,000 plus materials; includes professional quilting; 6 months minimum lead time.

Bridal gown conversion to infant Christening outfit (includes slip, overdress and cap)  $750. 2 months lead time

Customize "trucker" (a.k.a. Jeans) jacket with embroidery:  $75.00 minimum 1 week lead time

Basic Services:

Pants hemming      $19.00

Jeans hemming      $24.00

Waistband decrease (trousers)   $36.00

Waistband decrease (jeans)        $44.00

Waistband decrease (knit pants)      $36.00

Coat sleeve shortening      $44.00

Blouse lower sleeve length to shorten length (requiring cuff removal and replacement)   $70.00

Shorten Blouse length (No button placket)  $30.00

Shorten Blouse length with a front button placket  $50.00

Shorten plain dress  (hem circumference is less than 75 inches)  $30.00

Shorten gored skirt dress   (hem circumference is up to 125 inches)  $40.00

Shorten pencil skirt  $30.00